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London, England

22 May, 1919

The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom announces the official rules for the Great Air Race from Britain to Australia. The many rules included:

  • The flight – in an aeroplane or seaplane – must be made within 720 consecutive hours (30 days).
  • It must be completed before midnight, 31 December 1920.
  • The aircraft must have been entirely constructed in the British Empire.
  • The pilots and all crew must be of Australian nationality, with each crew required to pay an entry fee of £100.
  • Five parts of the aircraft and five parts of each motor would be stamped, with at least two marked parts of each required to be in place at the finishing point.
  • The start must be from Hounslow Aerodrome or Calshot Seaplane Station.

And who was the first aviator to formally enter? Bert Hinkler! He was eventually forced to pull out of the Great Air Race because he wanted to make the journey unaccompanied, but Hinkler went on to achieve the first solo flight from England to Australia in February 1928.