These conditions apply to visitors attending the Vickers Vimy Exhibition located at Adelaide Airport (Exhibition). By attending the Exhibition, visitors will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to these conditions.

Exhibition opening hours are as published on Adelaide Airport’s website from time to time.

While bookings are not mandatory, we do recommend that larger groups book in advance.  This allows Adelaide Airport to plan accordingly and minimise any delays associated with your group accessing the Exhibition.

All visitors of the Exhibition must:

  1. a) adhere to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements and practice good hygiene;
  2. b) follow directions of all Adelaide Airport staff and volunteers; and
  3. c) follow all signage and markers on the floor, pathways, fences and structures throughout the Exhibition.

Visitors enter the Exhibition at their own risk and choose to do so under these conditions. No liability for loss, injury or damage will be accepted. All visitors of the Exhibition acknowledge that Adelaide Airport reserves the right to refuse visitors entry to, or remove visitors from, the Exhibition who fail to comply with these conditions, are being a public nuisance, acting recklessly or failing to observe directions from Adelaide Airport representatives, or any Adelaide Airport signage without any liability whatsoever arising therefrom.

Visitors must be prepared to allow their bags to be checked on request by Adelaide Airport security staff.

Visitors are not permitted to touch or interfere with any exhibits, throw any object, climb on, damage or deface any structure or signage, or litter.

While visitors are welcome to take photographs or film for personal use or for special interest groups, they are not permitted to use it in a commercial capacity, without the written consent of Adelaide Airport.

Visitors may from time to time have their photograph taken on entry or by a photographer. Visitors must clearly indicate if they do not wish to be photographed.

Adelaide Airport may close the Exhibition or any part thereof at any time for any reason and will not be liable for any loss or expense incurred by a guest as the result of such closures.

Supervisors are responsible for the safety and behaviour of their children.  Children are required to be supervised at all times.

All visitors must abide by any other conditions displayed at the Exhibition or Adelaide Airport or communicated by Adelaide Airport staff.



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