Scrap book of the Vickers Vimy arriving at Northfield – Thomas W Farmer

Photographs were taken by: Mr J.C. Farmer of Naracoorte. Private collection.

Donated by: Thomas W Farmer

The following photographs are stuck onto a piece of paper with the following handwritten text.


The Vickers-Vimy Rolls-Royce Flight.
England to Australia.

Left Houndslow November 12 1919.
Arrived Darwin December 10 1919.
Arrived Adelaide March 23 1920.
Left Melb 7.15am – arrived Adel over Victoria Square 1.55pm.
Reception at Parliament House soon after arrival.


Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith, W.O. Bennett, Sgr. Shiers.
Particulars of Plane
weight of machine appr 6 tons.
Distance between wings 10 feet.
Span of wings 67ft 2in.
Length of fusilage 42′ 8″.
Two engines 360H.P. ea.
Cruising speed 90 miles per hour.

Frank Hurley fastens the camera on top of the plane.