Commemorative Fan

Balloon-shaped cardboard fan with scallop at bottom stapled to long, narrow wooden dowel (light, natural colour).
The front of the fan says “AERIAL FLIGHT/ENGLAND TO AUSTRALIA,/1919./Capt Sir Ross Smith, KBE, MC, DFC/ Lieut Sir Keith Smith, KBE/ Sergt J M Bennett/ (Air Force Medal and Bar)/ Sergt W H Shiers/ (Air Force Medal and Bar)”
A map of their flight from London to Darwin with all their stopping points runs through the middle.

On the top right side is a portrait photo of “Capt Sir Ross Smith MC DFC KBE” and on the lower left side is a similar portrait of “Lieut Sir Keith Smith KBE”.
To the right of this is a list of the stopping points & the dates, with the Start from London on Nov 12 to the Arrival in Darwin on Dec 10. The reverse side of the fan has an advertisement for a department store “JOHN MARTIN & CO LTD/ Busy! Busy! always Busy!” This is followed by 2 black and white sketches of the store and written underneath each is the BIG STORE/ “Where your Money goes FARTHEST”.

On the left, it says RUNDLE ST, and on the right ADELAIDE.